About Me

Hey, I’m Emjay, a middle aged, disabled fibre artist, wife and mama living on the West Coast of Canada. I divide what little spare time I have between knitting, making food, dyeing yarn and other crafty endeavours as they grab my attention.

My crochet odyssey began in 2008, where my lust for an accurate Sackboy stuffie for my Little Big Planet obsessed child led to my clumsy attempt at learning to crochet. Initial trials were frustrating and unsuccessful but eventually, with help from youtube videos and much trial and error, I figured it out. Unhappy with the pattern I found for the Sackboy, that were either pay for access or didn’t quite look enough like the character, I was determined to wing it and create something others could also make.

I had always been a do-it-myself kind of person and enjoyed crocheting best on the fly vice following a pattern, so I set out to come up with my own patterns and eventually offered them available for free on my website. Since then I taught workshops at anime conventions and built a library of tutorial videos and patterns for my visitors, then moved on to knitting and yarn dyeine. Because my own personal interests at the time resided within the spectrum of nerdy things like anime and videogames, some of my patterns have been nerdery related.