Deadmau5 Keychain Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This deadmau5 head keychain was a special request for a friend who is a big deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse) fan. For those who don’t know, he is an electro-house music producer from Canada. It’s a simple pattern that make a 2.5 inch tall keychain size deadmau5 head and could probably be repurposed to a reasonable Mickey Mouse or random monster weirdo. The head is based on another designer’s pattern (Ideal Crochet Sphere), linked below. The deadmau5 head has varied in colours and styles over the years so there is a ton of room for modification and alteration, though apparently red with black x-eyes was the first.

I made this using worsted weight, unmercerized cotton yarn and a 3.5 mm hook. Felt is recommended for the mouth.

For the head, complete the 12 row sphere pattern from the Ideal Crochet Sphere Pattern offered free by Ms. Premise-Conclusion

Ears (Make 4)
CH x 5, work in joined rounds not a spiral.
1. SC and HDC in first CH, DC x 2 in the next CH, DC x 4 in the next CH then pop over to the other side of the same CH and work 4 DC in the other loop of the same CH (This video demonstrates the technique of working in both sides of a CH), DC x 2 in the next CH and HDC then SC in the last CH; (16)
join with a slip stitch then CH x 1
2. SC then INC; repeat 7 more times; (24)
join the finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing

Sandwich the ear pieces with right sides facing out and sew two together (whip stitch) for robust ears that will not be floppy. Pin to head and stitch in place.

Eyes (make 2)
CH x 2 or Magic Ring
1. SC x 6; (6)
2. SC, INC, SC; repeat once more; (8)
Finish off and leave long tail for sewing. Pin to head and stitch in place.

Because of the shape of the head, the mouth should be made of felt. It will likely be necessary to cut a fold (a small pizza wedge that extends to the middle of the mouth) from the bottom part of mid-section of the smile and stitch it closed with white thread. This will permit the felt mouth to wrap around the sphere. I glued mine in place with fabric glue then sewed it to the head once the glue was dry. Please ask any questions about the pattern in comments so answers can be helpful to others in the future.