Noby Noby Boy Cat Toy Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

NobyNoby Boy is quite possibly my most favorite video game of all time. This is a pattern I originally posted to the now defunct Noby Noby League thread at the EU Playstation forums. It was originally stuffed with catnip, nicknamed “Crappy Crappy Boy” on account of the cretinous facial features and was presented to my cat Lucky (pictured above) for her to murder.

The pattern did make it’s way on to Kotaku and from there sort of all over the interwebs, which is sort of fabulous, but I have improved and tweaked it a bit because it was perhaps overly simply and a bit more wangish than I was happy with.

This next one, not filled with catnip, has earned earn a slightly less pitiful fate and resides at my mom’s place, enjoying a leisurely retirement. The pattern is available after the photos. He can be made as short or as long as you like, and a long wire through his body could make him poseable. Pretty much any color can be used for the body segments including a solid single color, but the head and butt should be pink for 1P, blue for 2P, orange for 3P and green for 4P.

Noby Noby Boy is crocheted in the round using worsted weight cotton yarn, through both loops (except for the invisible decreases) without joining. I used a 3.5 mm hook for for the head body and butt, 2.5mm for the arms and legs with half a strand of worsted weight yarn though a thin crochet thread or embroidery thread could work too. The head, body and butt are all one continuous piece. Give him as many segments as you like or none for the peanut boy.

CH = Chain, SC = Single Crochet, INC = Increase (2 SC in one SC), INVDEC = Invisible Decrease (substitute regular decrease if you prefer)

Start with the off-white color for his face
CH2, CH5 or magic ring (start however you like)
1. SC 6 (6)
2. INC in each stitch; repeat (12)
3. SC around (12)
switch to pink for the rest of the head
4. SC then INC; repeat (18)
5. SC around (18)
6. repeat row 5 (18)
7. SC then INDEC; repeat (12)
8. SC around (12)
9. repeat row 8 (12)

Segment (continued from head or continued from previous segment)
switch to the color you will be using for this segment
1. SC around (12)
2 – 6. repeat row 1 for rows 2 through 6 (12)

Butt (continued from the last segment)
switch back to the same pink you used for the head
1. SC around (12)
2. repeat row (12)
3. SC then INC; repeat (18)
4. SC around (18)
5. repeat row 4 (18)
6. SC then INVDEC; repeat (12)
7. SC then INVDEC; repeat (8)
8. SC then INVDEC, INVDEC, SC, INVDEC then finish off and weave in tail

Legs and Arms
use two strands of a 4 strand worsted weight cotton yarn or use a thinner crochet or embroidery thread and a 2.5 mm or smaller crochet hook
CH2, CH5 or magic ring (start however you like)
1. SC 5 (5)
2. INC then SC; repeat (8)
3. SC around (8)
4. INVDEC then SC; repeat (5)
5. SC around (5)
6 – 8. repeat row 5 (5)
Finish off and leave a long tail to use to sew arms and legs to head and butt

use buttons or embroidery to make eyes, nose and mouth.